[R] Has it really been that long since I did anything related to anime?

An entire year of failing to talk about anime. Oh dear goodness we suck…

Here’s my year long wrap up. With any luck, I’ll never do this again…

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[W] End of 2011 Quick Anime Review

Wow… time went by quickly. For the record I’m still working on my summer week 6 to 13 post (facepalm).

Anyway, here’s a quick and dirty run down of shows I’ve watched, liked, disliked, and left in backlog hell. And no, I’m not going to do charts this time.

Updated: 07/25/2012

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[R] Summer 2011 – Part 2

Getting this out a bit later than intended this week. I’ve been busy making preparations for my trip to Otakon, and I’m still not done, so this will be brief.

The season continues onward, continuing to entertain…

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[R] Summer 2011: Grand Opening

I would have been done with this sooner, but unlike Wisedog, I had to help a friend move into his new house, and I was waiting for Dantalian no Shoka to start airing.

So, here are my thoughts on the opening act of Summer 2011…

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Abridged thoughts and catching up

Well…time to give the rundown of how Winter and Spring went…

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Charts, Charts everywhere!

Uh… I guess this is my way of cutting through my backlog that has been piling up since Fall 2010

So Fall 2010 goes first….
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