Wisedog’s top 10 anime openings

Going through all of the anime songs I had made me want to re-watch some of the old shows and it made me realize that I need to update Yumi Silvermoto (my mp3 player) with more songs that I have not gotten around to adding.

While I am not following a particular theme, I decided to avoid having overlaps with RPG and Otaku’s picks as well as those that were picked by IGN. Pardon the foreign subs on some of these videos as it was quite hard to track some of these that had the actual animation. Thanks copyright censorship!

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[R] Summer 2013 Anime First Impressions

ilya1Alright. We’re a few episodes into the season, so it’s time to take a look at everything I’ve managed to watch. I ended up dropping a few things quickly; some before I even watched them. I already have a backlog on some things, but it’s a busy summer for me, so I’ll just have to watch when I have time.

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[W] End of 2011 Quick Anime Review

Wow… time went by quickly. For the record I’m still working on my summer week 6 to 13 post (facepalm).

Anyway, here’s a quick and dirty run down of shows I’ve watched, liked, disliked, and left in backlog hell. And no, I’m not going to do charts this time.

Updated: 07/25/2012

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Abridged thoughts and catching up

Well…time to give the rundown of how Winter and Spring went…

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Charts, Charts everywhere!

Uh… I guess this is my way of cutting through my backlog that has been piling up since Fall 2010

So Fall 2010 goes first….
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First few shows for Fall 2010

The first week of Fall 2010 is done and I finally found some time to sample a few shows that have been on my radar. Like RPG, I will be listing what I have seen, my thoughts on it, and if I plan to keep watching it or blog about it.

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