Onani Master Kurosawa – Revisited

All hail Kurosawa!

Last night I was trying to get RPG to read Onani Master Kurosawa and I ended up re-reading the entire series in one sitting. Today I decided to read my old blog post about it to see how much of my impression of the story has changed. Much to my surprise, I discover that I re-read this story almost exactly the same date I did 3 years ago. Being off by 2 days is not bad. The world moves in quite a strange way…
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Charts, Charts everywhere!

Uh… I guess this is my way of cutting through my backlog that has been piling up since Fall 2010

So Fall 2010 goes first….
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D50 watches crap you’ve never heard of: Tough Ninja the Shadow Warrior

It's like bad NES cover art done in the style of Mexican movie posters.

Well, I was originally going to be posting some obscure anime reviews, but I just came back from Rasputin’s and bought me a couple of B-movies that sounded hilariously bad, and I just had to share.

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