Hentai Hump Week! HuniePop

I knew it would have to come to this one day…

Let’s just get it over with.

HumpdayOkay, so last time, we covered Meet ‘n Fuck games.  At its core, HuniePop isn’t all that different.  The primary difference?  Quality.  Now, I’m not saying it’s good – no, it’s a fucking piece of shit that attracts assholes – but honest-to-goodness EFFORT was put into it, and I have to give credit for that.

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Hentai Hump Week! Meet n’ Fuck “Games”

Feel like playing a hentai game but not interested in quality or challenge?  Or perhaps you don’t want to put in the time investment to play a full game, but you still want to earn your hentai instead of just looking up a CG pack?  Well then, Meet n’ Fuck STILL probably isn’t up your alley, but fuck it… some people actually play them.

HumpdayYes, today I’m finally covering Meet ‘n Fuck: the creative black hole of Newgrounds erotic gaming.

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[TRTL] Heart of Thorns Launch Day

Some people choose to skip to the end, but I've chosen to take my time and enjoy all the new content.

Some people choose to skip to the end, but I’ve chosen to take my time and enjoy all the new content.

So Heart of Thorns went live sometime yesterday morning. Cue everybody playing “Welcome to the Jungle” and thinking they’re the only ones that thought of it.

I have some minor complaints. I’ve seen many people share these complaints. I doubt a single damn thing will be done about any of them, so I’m just not going to waste my time on that. Instead, let’s see the highlights!

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Hentai Hump-Day! Violated Heroine

HumpdayHey hey hey, it’s Hentai Hump-Day!

Well, I said I’d take a break from Cream Lemon, and I was really tempted to ignore that due to time constraints… but instead, I decided we could use a little variety.  So!  Here’s Violated Heroine!

And this isn't even the newest title screen!

And this isn’t even the newest title screen!

What, you may ask, is Violated Heroine?  It’s a hentai game made in RPG Maker 2000.  Yes, that’s right: 2000.  Basically, it’s been in development for a long time and is STILL being worked on by Japanese developers all for the sake of, well… perversion.  Bless ’em.  And it’s pretty amazing that they’re still working on an RPG Maker 2000 project in an era where it seems there are dozens of circles churning out generic RPGs on VX Ace, adding in some erotic CG stills, and calling it a day.

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The 100 Things I Would Do To GW2 If I Were On The Dev Team


People love to complain.  I know I do.  But too many people complain about GW2 and don’t provide any solutions.  I’m not one of those people; I enjoy problem-solving,  and I find myself often coming up with ideas to improve on many aspects of GW2.  I think the best solutions are the ones with realistic limitations, though, and it’s this understanding that often leads me to agree with ANet’s decisions more often than I do the player community.  That said, they definitely could have done things better, and sometimes you have to go a little on the extreme side for the sake of progress and science.

I imagine if I were in charge, I would also introduce ridiculous things designed to torture the players for nothing more than the lulz.  I do find it hard to tell the difference between things I think other players hate and things I genuinely want for myself though.

And so, submitted for no one’s approval: the 100 things I would do if I were on the GW2 dev team.

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