The Watchening: Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation, Ep. 1

Well, the PSO2 anime is finally here.  Time to judge it harshly and make unfair comparisons to the game.

I'm pressing the Spacebar and NOTHING'S HAPPENING!

I’m pressing the Spacebar and NOTHING’S HAPPENING!

So, is this going to be an adaptation of the game story?  A side story?  Or… is it going to be about people who play the game?



Alright, so it’s basically a shameless commercial, then.  No reason we can’t still enjoy it though.

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The Great Backlog Purge (Ushio & Tora, One-Punch Man)

Well, it’s time for a new season, and I completely failed at staying kept up on posts.  Since I don’t want to bother making post after post, I’m going to bum rush through these with some overall and final thoughts so I can move on to the current season.

Just one exception: Young Black Jack.  Unlike UshiTora and OPM, I didn’t stay up to date with that series.  It wasn’t exactly out of disinterest, mind you.  I’ll get around to watching the rest of it eventually.  Maybe within the week.

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Hentai Hump-Day! Cream Lemon Ep. 20 of 40: Etude Part 1

With the exception of a bit of a hiccup due to my trip to Texas, it’s been nearly a full year of Hentai Hump-Day.  Roughly 40 weeks, and half of them spent on Cream Lemon episodes.  Before we continue on, I just want to say that, since I only have 25 episodes subbed, I won’t be covering more than 5 more Cream Lemon episodes.  Sucks.  Looks like I’ll have to actually work on that whole variety thing.  At least until Ami Sorekara gets subbed.

Anyway, let’s get on with the final Hentai Hump-Day of the year!

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Cream Lemon Ep. 19 of 40: Demonic Doll

You know the drill!

HumpdaySo, interesting coincidence with this week’s episode.

We start out with our hero Hiromu in some kind of rush for some reason… while creepy  imagery flashes by.  But then we just ignore all that shit and establish the setting.  We hear an instrumental rendition of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.  Yep, it’s Christmas.

I swear, I didn't even plan for this.  I was just too lazy to do proper hentai reviews for months.

I swear, I didn’t even plan for this. I was just too lazy to do proper hentai reviews for months.

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Hentai Hump-Day! Cream Lemon Ep. 18 of 40: White Shadow

Huh.  I kinda wanted to do something special for the end of the year, but if I just do Cream Lemon reviews for the next two weeks, I’ll have 20 of 40 done!

HumpdayThis week’s episode is something a bit more original and interesting.  First off, take a look at our heroine’s design:

Talk about a huge step up in quality...

Talk about a huge step up in quality…

I don’t know about you, but for me there’s absolutely no mistaking it: that’s the work of Satoshi Urushihara, character designer of such… things that existed… as Plastic Little and Legend of Lemnear.

Okay, that’s not entirely fair.  I own both of those titles and don’t exactly regret my decision.  Plus the Legend of Lemnear manga is fairly decent.  Chirality was godawful though.  Anyway, on to the review.

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Hentai Holiday: Gun Tribe

HumpdayOkay, not quite hump-day, but can we all just come together and give thanks for the wonderful gift that is hentai?

So, I wanted to do something special and appropriate for this week’s Hentai Hump-Day, but I soon came across a dilemma: a complete lack of Thanksgiving-based hentai.  I checked my entire collection and my main sources and I couldn’t find anything.  And honestly, why should I?  Thanksgiving isn’t exactly a Japanese institution.  But, y’know, I was kinda hoping for something.  I couldn’t even find something with “Thanks” in the title.

The absolute CLOSEST thing to something Thanksgiving-based was an eromanga called Guntribe, which is set in a wild west-style world.  So I’m sure you can guess why I picked it for my Thanksgiving-themed post.  That’s right, it’s got (faux) INDIANS!

It's like an uninteresting wild west Rance.

It’s like an uninteresting wild west Rance.

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