Can WordPress play .webm files?


Why do I ask? Well yesterday, Moot posted a blog post that states 4chan now supports .webm files (without audio). It seems the community as a whole is embracing the new (at least for the image board) format. This format will pretty much replace .gif, granted there will be people who will still use animated gifs.

Since I messed up my sleep schedule, I decided to see if WordPress does support this format. And the answer is… Continue reading

Wisedog’s top 10 anime openings

Going through all of the anime songs I had made me want to re-watch some of the old shows and it made me realize that I need to update Yumi Silvermoto (my mp3 player) with more songs that I have not gotten around to adding.

While I am not following a particular theme, I decided to avoid having overlaps with RPG and Otaku’s picks as well as those that were picked by IGN. Pardon the foreign subs on some of these videos as it was quite hard to track some of these that had the actual animation. Thanks copyright censorship!

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[W] Winter 2014: What I’m watching

mmm boobies

I haven’t done one of these in a long time. This winter season seems to be just as busy as any regular spring season. So many shows to watch, so little time.

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[W] Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta 01

Aka Serenading a Certain Pilot or as I’d like to call it, airplane porn… whichever works for you.

I’m trying out a quick style of posting where I’m just posting images from the show that I feel worth pointing out/mentioning. It might take me a few tries to get a hang of it so bear with me.

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[W] Saimoe 2013: Losers Playoffs & Finals Results

saimoe2013logoI finally decided that it is time to make a post. I was excited that this year’s tournament had a lot of variety in terms of characters progressing and everything was going well until Losers Playoffs kicked in. One month later and I’m still butthurt about the results. I don’t think I’ll be covering Saimoe 2014. Anyway, on with the post. Continue reading