[D] D50 watches crap you’ve never heard of: Zettai Yareru Greece Shinwa

I have no idea what this is exactly supposed to be. I got it from a hentai site, but it appears to be an educational show about Greek mythology. It has one of those Japanese voice over guys that you expect to hear when it’s time for a commercial break, so I’m assuming this was on broadcast TV. What *time* it aired, on the other hand, is up in the air.

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D50 watches crap you’ve never heard of: Tough Ninja the Shadow Warrior

It's like bad NES cover art done in the style of Mexican movie posters.

Well, I was originally going to be posting some obscure anime reviews, but I just came back from Rasputin’s and bought me a couple of B-movies that sounded hilariously bad, and I just had to share.

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