Anime and Alcohol – Owari no Seraph S2 (1-3)

Mitsuba said it would be better with alcohol. Turns out she was right.

Mitsuba said it would be better with alcohol. Turns out she was right.

Alright, so this will be my first of probably many entries for this style of anime reviewing. The goal of these posts is not to give a good idea of what the show is like or do a detailed breakdown of it. I’m not going to analyze characters in depth or anything. No, all I’m going to do is get drunk, and give my gut reaction (hopefully not vomit).

This season’s target is Owari no Seraph Season 2. The drinking game for this one is simple. Everytime there is a “no homo” moment, drink. To explain, this show has a LOT of pandering to the bishonen and BL loving crowd.  Most of it is just random comments or the like, but we all had some great fun yelling “no homo” at the screen while watching it together whenever something ambiguously gay happened. There are not limits here. The moments can be out of context lines, bizarre postures, etc. If shouting “no homo” fits, then drink.

I’m doing this first on Halloween night because vampires, and I want to get hammered. Let’s go.

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RPG VS Backlog: Utawarerumono – Itsuwari no Kamen (1-3)

I've had mornings like this too.

I’ve had mornings like this too.

Utawarerumono Kamen Rider is the sequel to a popular anime from 10 years ago called Shadow Warrior Chronicles. The first series told the story of Emperor Pimp Mask and all his women. There may have been male characters in the supporting cast as well. The thing I remember most about the show is absolutely nothing because it was a decade ago. My DVDs are stored in a box somewhere so I won’t be rewatching it anytime soon. It was notable for a great story and cute girls with animal ears and tails. It might be fair to think of this as an early prototype for Dog Days before the story was paved over in favor of moe garbage.

But what does the sequel have in store? Well there better be some fluffy tails.

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[TRTL] Heart of Thorns Launch Day

Some people choose to skip to the end, but I've chosen to take my time and enjoy all the new content.

Some people choose to skip to the end, but I’ve chosen to take my time and enjoy all the new content.

So Heart of Thorns went live sometime yesterday morning. Cue everybody playing “Welcome to the Jungle” and thinking they’re the only ones that thought of it.

I have some minor complaints. I’ve seen many people share these complaints. I doubt a single damn thing will be done about any of them, so I’m just not going to waste my time on that. Instead, let’s see the highlights!

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RPG Goes to the Comic Book Store (Your Library Card has been Revoked Edition)

20151015 009

So it’s been a very long time since I got around to do one of these. Real life hit me like a truck at the end of July and I’m finally back in order with personal stuff. I was making my bi-weekly comic store trips during that time, but rather than go through EVERYTHING that I read during that time. Let’s just highlight a few gems.

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