The Watchening: Overlord Ep. 5 (Don’t wait up for more posts)

So a Dark Knight and a Motoko cosplayer walk into a bar...

So a Dark Knight and a Motoko cosplayer walk into a bar…

Before we move on, I just want to point out that I’m not completely dropping Overlord.  I just won’t be doing weekly posts on it.  Downloading the newest episode and watching it in my own time is still something I can do to pass the time since I do have some boring stretches here and there during the week.  But yeah… I’ll probably do like a marathon or cover 3-4 episodes at a time.

We begin the episode with boring Albedo stuff.  Momonga tells Albedo something I’d been wanting for a while, and I’m honestly shocked it didn’t take longer:

Well.  You could have said that earlier if you don't care.

Well. You could have said that earlier if you don’t care.

Albedo replies that she doesn’t mind and that her creator would probably approve of what Momonga did to her.  I… okay?  Well.  Congratulations, Albedo!  YOU ARE NOW COMPLETELY WORTHLESS AS A CHARACTER.  Oh, and Shalltear shows up and they fight… whatever.  Entire scene bored me to fucking death.

We move on to the city of E-Rantel, where “Ainz,” is now adventuring under the name of “Momon” to learn more about the world and earn money.  He of course goes under disguise in his magic armor, and he brings as a companion one of the Pleiades battle maids, likely because she’s the one that looks most human.

During a scuffle, he accidentally breaks the expensive potion of some chick that might be important later.  He reimburses her with a red potion, which she takes to a local potion maker and we learn it’s kind of a big deal.  Meanwhile, Momon picks up some quests and joins a group of adventurers to kill some monsters.  They’re interrupted when a young boy (works with the potion maker and has a “talent” that allows him to use any magic item) tries to hire Momon for an escort mission, though presumably he’s really after Momon and maybe the source of his potions.  I dunno.

Meanwhile, we see a crazy-looking chick enter a secret crypt.

Huh.  It's Mello.

Huh. It’s Mello.

She talks to some other member of whatever shady organization she’s part of, and they give each other’s real names.  The tone seemed to say that these names were important… but they didn’t seem to be Yggdrasil players, and they definitely weren’t Ainz Ooal Gown members (the whole being humanoid thing was a giveaway) so… yeah, what the fuck was the point of that?  WHY should I give a fuck about who these people are?  Show, I’m not going to be impressed just because you throw a bunch of cues at me to be impressed.  GIVE ME A FUCKING REASON FOR IT.

So yeah, short rundown and I know I skipped out on a lot of details.  I liked some of the aspects of the quest system, but there’s a limit to how much I can say “Oh yeah, that IS how games are like!” and still be amused by it.

I just get very little enjoyment from this series.  It’s not actively bad, at least not by my standards, and I certainly don’t mind watching it.  It’s not a chore; it’s just something I’m okay with seeing while it’s on, kind of like syndicated sitcoms.  And as I said, I am wholly unimpressed by Albedo, and even Shalltear.  It’s not even that I’m not interested in blatant bait anymore either.  If that were the case, I wouldn’t still be following Monster Musume or constantly looking for more new hentai.  It’s just a boring use of decent designs.

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  1. I’m mostly bothered by just how damn slow this show is going. They’ve honestly spent way too damn long on just nothing.

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