End of the Fall anime season

The season has ended. There were some pleasant surprises, some unexpected disappointments…and some predicted failures.
I can only think to break it down as follows:

What turned out good

A Certain Magical Index Season 2

This was expected to be a delight, and it was. With another half season to go, I have high hopes. The current arc is dragging a bit, but overall I’ve been very happy with the season. I plan to go back and review it arc by arc starting next season.

Ore no Imouto

Ore no Imouto ended up being such a joy to watch. It was one of those must see shows of the week, which was surprising considering how much myself and everyone else hate the heroine. Every other character in this show made it fun to watch though, and I anxiously await the DVD extra episodes. I’ll give this show a nice full review later.


There just aren’t enough words to convey how wonderful this was. It wasn’t an anime, it was a year long event. The conclusion was bittersweet, but acceptable. Sometimes the dialogue dragged, but overall this was a beautiful series to follow. Full review later.

The World God Only Knows

I was driven by Wisedog to watch this. I loved it so much, I went and read the scanlations for the entire manga so far. I look forward to more of this. Wisedog will be covering any reviews for it.

Youkai Otome Zakuro

This was a pleasant surprise Wisedog convinced me to watch as well. He’ll cover any reviews for it too.

Kurenai OVAs

I loved this show when it ran as a TV anime. I found out now through these wonderful OVAs that the anime took a lot of liberties with the characters and story. Now I love them all even more. I really hope they make more of these OVAs, because they were just too good.

What Turned out Okay at best…

Sora no Otoshimono: Forte

I was let down. Season 1 was good, and the manga is good, so why was this so…mediocre? Chaos being used more in the plot was nice, but still awkward the way it was done. Tomoki’s perverted hijinks, which are laughable and funny in S1 and the manga, came across as downright creepy and unnerving in this season, and it really ruined my enjoyment. I had hoped to blog on this show more fully, but I just can’t find the motivation anymore with how it turned out.


This went about as expected. I have yet to finish the show, but it’s entertaining enough. I’m really looking forward to the X-men anime later this year.

Samurai Girls

This ended up more amusing than I expected. It was like if Queen’s Blade hadn’t forgotten how ridiculous it was, and reveled in its own stupidity. Unfortunately, the comedy dropped off, and the show ended with a more serious arc, which diminished it for me.


What can I say? I started watching it on a whim. It was mildly amusing, but I didn’t feel the drive to continue.

The Season’s bottom of the Barrel

Yosuga no Sora

Unlike most of its kind, this show did not forget that it was based on an H-game. It did however seem to forget that it was being broadcast on regular TV…the erotic content sets in after a few episodes, then never goes away (so I’m told). I didn’t make it too far into this one.

Fortune Arterial: The Hunt for the Red October

It’s hard to review the content of a show that had none.

Panty and Stocking with a side of fries

Fly away now. Fly away now. Fly away for the love of God, and don’t come back. Wisedog might disagree with me on this one, but he can post about it himself if he feels so inclined.

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